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Japan Accepts the US Giant Robot Duel Challenge

Kuratas vs. Megabot mark II

Less than a week ago we have witnessed something a little out of the ordinary — American company MegaBots challenged Suidobashi Heavy Industries to a duel not between stock prices or annual reports but between the giant robots they’ve created. On July 5th the Japanese company accepted the challenge so the game in on between MegaBot mk. 2 and Kuratas just as long as there are no weapons involved. When the duel will take place is yet to be established.

Kuratas vs. Megabot mark II
They will meet soon

So, who is our challenger? MegaBots Inc. surfaced in Fall 2014 introducing a giant robot concept in a Kickstarter campaign for raising 1.8 Million US Dollars. Funding was unsuccessful however Autodesk joined in helping the two founders and developers to bring their concept to life.

The MegaBot mk. 2 is a more refined variant of the initial concept, it stands almost 4.6 meters (15 feet) tall and weighs 5.4 tons (12,000 pounds). It moves around on a tracked platform and is equipped with very powerful paintball guns. Two operators can fit in its cockpit.

Kuratas on the other hand is more mature, it has been around for over 2 years and can also ordered from Amazon for about 1.3 Million US Dollars. The robot is only 3.7 meter (12 feet) tall and weighs a little over 4 tons (9,000 pounds). Its cockpit can hold a single operator and it moves around on a three wheel platform with variable geometry. Weapon-wise the Kuratas is equipped with a BB cannon and a LOHAS launcher, whatever that means. It also features a more advanced HUD targeting system.

The fight should take place sometime in the following year with organizing left to the American team, in the meantime let’s take a look at the challenge and response videos, both equally entertaining.

The Challenge

The Response

Via: Engadget, CNET

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