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You can now access Smashing Robotics over HTTPS

Smashing Robotics over HTTPS

There’s no doubt that the Internet is becoming a safer and more secure environment as we speak. It goes without saying that something like this would not be possible without a collective effort from all of us – from regulatory institutions to content creators and, maybe the most important, you the user who are the main beneficiary of all these efforts and achievements.

However we can still see headlines reporting on security breaches experienced even by major websites, hence it is pretty clear that nowadays securing your online presence should no longer be optional, but rather a core pillar in everyone’s strategy. We can all do our part in making the Internet better, therefore I as a publisher need to do my part.

You can now access Smashing Robotics over a secure HTTPS connection. This basically means that you know for sure that you are reaching the genuine website because the identity is verified, and all exchanged data is encrypted ensuring even safer browsing without potentially compromised information.

Hopefully you like the new and improved Smashing Robotics experience!


Dan Mihai is an Automation and Computer Science graduate, he has a passion for robotics and is especially enthusiastic about wheeled mobile robots, AGVs and things with wheels in general.

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