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World’s first giant robot duel will happen eventually

Kuratas vs. Megabot mark II

I guess you remember about the highly anticipated giant robot duel announced last year. It was set to take place sometime in June this year, however Summer is already over and nothing even remotely related has happened. For a while we all thought this was it and moved on, but it seems that not all hope is lost as apparently both teams are still committed to this challenge.

Kuratas vs. Megabot mark II
Kuratas vs. Megabot mark II

In an interview for The Verge Gui Cavalcanti of MegaBots announces that as of September 28 they will release a 10-episode series following their progress and challenges involved in building a real life giant fighting robot.

While Gui made no statement¬†about the actual date of the event nor the location, he emphasizes that legal aspects are an entirely different matter, stating that it can be quite a challenge getting giant robots “explicitly built for combat through international customs.”

In the meantime let’s keep our fingers crossed and take a look at the trailer for the newly announced series.

via The Verge

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