Niryo One: an accessible robot for makers, developers and students

by Edouard Renard

Niryo One is an accessible 6 axis robotic arm, currently available on Kickstarter. The robot, made out of 3D printed parts, is powered by an Arduino Mega board and a Raspberry Pi 3 board. The software part includes a firmware on the Arduino board, and ROS (Robot Operating System) on the Raspberry Pi board.

Niryo’s goal is to allow everyone to learn robotics, and reproduce industrial use cases at home and at school.

Niryo One robotic arm

Niryo One robotic arm

Why Niryo One?

Industrial robots are too expensive and hard to use. They do amazing things and allow great technological progress, but they are not accessible at all.

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Root is a robot which makes coding easier for everyone

In a not so distant future our kids will be able to express their ideas through some form of coding without much difficulty. This will be possible thanks to projects like Root, a robot which can help anyone learn how to code regardless of age and background. Simply pair it with an iPad and start your programming journey. The robot is packed with sensors and can even drive on whiteboards.

Root robot drawing a fractal

Root robot drawing a fractal | Image credit: Scansorial

The project was born at the Wyss Institute, a technology incubator at Harvard University, and brought to life by a highly skilled team whose members have many well-known consumer products and services under their belt. They have rich experience in creating coding robots such as the iRobot Create, Multiplo, AERobot or Kilobot. Earlier this year they founded Scansorial, a public benefit corporation headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts with a mission to make programming more accessible for everyone.

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SBrick Plus lets you program and control any LEGO creation from your smartphone

SBrick is slowly but steadily turning into a fully fledged development platform, complementing and enhancing existing LEGO building systems. With SBrick Plus you can remotely control your Power Functions motors from your phone or tablet via Bluetooth, add interactivity with WeDo 1.0 sensors, and use Scratch, Swift or JavaScript for programming your LEGO creations using almost any OS or device. It is an ideal candidate for STEM education, featuring extensive online resources and support.

SBrick LEGO controller

The original SBrick

SBrick Plus, just like its predecessor, was created by Vengit, a startup founded by a team of systems engineers and cloud solutions developers with vast experience in their respective fields. Without their enthusiasm and passion for LEGO such products would not be possible.

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ESLOV IoT toolkit lets you create connected devices easier than ever

Working with Arduino is fun and rewarding but can be a handful for inexperienced users. The ESLOV IoT Invention kit is a new plug-and-play fully modular platform that wants to change this. It focuses on providing novices an fast and intuitive method of creating Internet of Things devices, while retaining full compatibility with the existing Arduino/Genuino ecosystem.

ESLOV IoT Invention Kit

ESLOV IoT Invention Kit | Image credit: Arduino

Naming the platform after Eslöv, a small town in Sweden, was not at random. Development took place for the most part in Malmö, Sweden as part of a 3-year program called PELARS (Practice-based Experiential Learning Analytics Research and Support) funded by the European Union. Such initiatives of exploring new methods of learning are essential nowadays, and this comes to emphasize Arduino’s commitment towards STEM education.

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DJI Mavic Pro foldable drone is incredibly smart, compact and easy to use

DJI unveiled today their much anticipated Mavic Pro camera drone, which offers the company’s uncompromized imaging capabilities in a very compact foldable package that doesn’t even require a dedicated backpack. It may be small but the specs are quite impressive since the Mavic Pro trumps out even the Phantom 4 in certain aspects such as flight time, processing power, autonomous flight and obstacle avoidance capabilities, as well as communication range.

DJI Mavic Pro foldable camera drone

Mavic Pro drone | Image credit: DJI

Judging by its size, ease of operation and price tag the Mavic Pro can be considered as an upper entry level drone, addressing the needs of first time fliers or active sports persons who want to shoot without too much hassle. However its feature set, versatility and high quality results can be very appealing to more experienced and even professional users.

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You can now access Smashing Robotics over HTTPS

Smashing Robotics over HTTPS

There’s no doubt that the Internet is becoming a safer and more secure environment as we speak. It goes without saying that something like this would not be possible without a collective effort from all of us – from regulatory institutions to content creators and, maybe the most important, you the user who are the main beneficiary of all these efforts and achievements.

However we can still see headlines reporting on security breaches experienced even by major websites, hence it is pretty clear that nowadays securing your online presence should no longer be optional, but rather a core pillar in everyone’s strategy. We can all do our part in making the Internet better, therefore I as a publisher need to do my part.

You can now access Smashing Robotics over a secure HTTPS connection. This basically means that you know for sure that you are reaching the genuine website because the identity is verified, and all exchanged data is encrypted ensuring even safer browsing without potentially compromised information.

Hopefully you like the new and improved Smashing Robotics experience!

Flybrix lets you build aerial drones with LEGO bricks

Throughout history many great inventions have been created by accident, and this might just be one of them. Flybrix DIY drone kits include all required parts to build your very own multicopter with LEGO bricks. Specially designed bricks can accommodate micro motors, while an assortment of standard bricks can be used for building the airframe. Everything is connected to an Arduino compatible controller board which draws power from a small battery. Creations can be remote controlled over Bluetooth from a mobile app, or with a dedicated 2.4GHz radio controller and receiver.

Flybrix LEGO drone

Flybrix LEGO drone | Image credit: Flybrix

Flybrix is a self-funded North American startup created by Amir Hirsch, Robb Waters and Holly Kasun in 2015. The idea came up as they were researching autonomous flight using computer vision and other technologies. They were using LEGO bricks for rapidly prototyping their microdrones, until they had one of those eureka moments.

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