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Weekend Stories: The Falcon Has Landed, Festo Flying Object, and Romeo Can Walk

Falcon 9 landing at sea

Falcon 9 first stage rocket successfully landed

I dare to say that we are living history in the making. Yesterday, at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, SpaceX launched a resupply mission to the International Space Station. There was however a secondary purpose, while the Dragon CRS-8 spacecraft has the mission to deliver its 3.2 Ton cargo and inflatable habitat – another premiere – to the ISS on Sunday, the Falcon 9 first stage rocket had to be retrieved in one piece soon after, by propulsion landing it on their “Of Course I Still Love You” drone ship at sea. It was a complete success and a remarkable achievement, further supporting the concept of reusable rockets and bringing all of us one step closer to consumer space travel. Watch the webcast replay in case you missed it, or read more about the CRS-8 mission.

Festo – FreeMotionHandling Concept

Festo unveils another out-of-the-box concept in the form of an identified flying object which can collect and deliver various objects by means of suction.

Romeo can walk

Romeo has been around for quite some but such footage is rare occurence.

via Automaton

Unmanned aerial chainsaw – because why not?

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Top image credit: SpaceX webcast


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