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Stories on Saturday: Robot With Human Reflexes, Curiosity Anniversary, LEGO RC Boat, and Tesla Charger Prototype

Curiosity rover self-portrait composed from arm camera images

Three Years Since Curiosity Has Landed on Mars

Indeed, on Wednesday this week there have been three years since NASA’s rover Curiosity has been roaming around Mars seeking evidence of life.

App controlled LEGO RC Boat and 3D Printed Propellers

This is another Sariel project, the boat called Purists’ Bane is built entirely with LEGO bricks apart from the nylon plastic 3D printed propellers that can be bought for a little over 7 Dollars. At the core of the boat lies the US $62 SBrick controller which interfaces with your mobile device via Bluetooth LE.

via 3D Print

Seven Arduino Projects for Beer Lovers

Be it purpose built controller boards, fully automated bottle openers or even a fully functional brewing machine these projects can make life easier by removing a lot of hassle involved in the beer drinking process.

Tesla Unveils Robotic Charger Prototype

Tesla never ceases to amaze, the robotic arm of the charger looks pretty much alive and not creepy at all.

via Automaton

Remote Controlled Robotic Avatar Demonstrates Fast and Accurate Response

Engineers at MIT have showcased a robot that very accurately duplicates human reflexes when controlled by a remote operator. The robot can perform fine arm movements and lightning quick strikes when required.

via Gizmodo

New Algorithms for More Dexterous Robotic Grippers

Another presentation from MIT researchers allows us to watch extrinsic dexterity methods implemented in control algorithms of a robotic gripper arm. The robot coordinates gripping with motion and external support to optimize grip.

via SimpleBotics

Top photo: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS


Dan Mihai is an Automation and Computer Science graduate, he has a passion for robotics and is especially enthusiastic about wheeled mobile robots, AGVs and things with wheels in general.

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