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Proud to Be Featured on EEWeb

We are proud to announce that Smashing Robotics has been featured on EEWeb, the Electrical Engineering Community website. This is a massive community featuring a great amount of resources for hardware designers, electronics enthusiasts and hobbyists alike. Here you can find electrical engineering projects, in-depth analyses, studies and tutorials, as well as latest news on technology advances in the field. An array of useful engineering tools is also available, such as various inductance, impedance or current calculators, power requirements calculator, equivalence tables and even math help documents. There is even a hugely entertaining comics feed!

Smashing Robotics on EEWeb

EEWeb is the brainchild of two American engineers, Cody Miller and Joe Wolin. In 2007 they have formed Aspen Labs, a business media company focused on engineering. In 2010 Aspen Labs partnered with electronics components distributor Digi-Key Corporation, creating the EEWeb electrical engineering community. In 2011 the digital EEWeb Pulse magazine was launched, and today several online engineering publications exist. You can follow EEWeb on Twitter.


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