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OrigiGrip Is a Cost-Effective Dexterous Robot Gripper

OrigiGrip Affordable Robot Gripper

Grippers come in all shapes and sizes and are the most common type of robotic arm end effectors in use at the moment, being employed in countless types of industrial, academic and even consumer applications. The project launched today is called OrigiGrip which is a cleverly designed dexterous yet affordable robot gripper made with 3D printed parts and actuated by a single standard high torque hobby servo, making it very easy to integrate into existing robotic projects.

OrigiGrip Affordable Robot Gripper
Image credit: Origin Robotics

The gripper can be suitable for hobby and research purposes and was developed by Richard Laboris who is also behind the OrigiBot telepresence robot project launched almost a year ago.

OrigiGrip features what is known as an underactuated design, meaning that there are more degrees of freedom (DOF) than the number of actuators used. Each claw or finger has two sections which can fold around the grasped object for an improved grip – this means that the gripper has 2 DOF, however only 1 servo actuator is used to drive the whole system. This also means that programming the gripper is much simpler requiring only open and close commands.

Movement is transmitted throughout the fingers sections by means of tendons made of durable plastic line. Extra rubber padding on the finger further improves grip. The gripper has a maximum aperture of 22.3 cm or 8.8 inches. The wrist can be also easily actuated thanks to its coupling interface which features an integrated 25T hobby servo horn, which can add another DOF.

You can get the 3D printed parts kit without the servo for a pledge of US $59, while a fully assembled gripper can be yours for a US $89 early bird pledge. There is also a selection of five colors to choose from. Head to the campaign page for more information.

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