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Microsoft Announces Linux Shell Integration on Windows 10

Ubuntu Bash shell comes to Windows 10

Microsoft is making a bold and surprising move by integrating the popular Bash shell into Windows, once again demonstrating the company’s developer oriented approach adopted only a few years back. The Linux command line will be native to the OS and is the fruit of Microsoft’s partnership with Canonical – the company behind the Ubuntu Linux distribution. It will be introduced as part of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update which will be rolled out this summer.

Ubuntu Bash shell comes to Windows 10
Image credit: Microsoft

The announcement was made at the Build 2016 convention, held this week in San Francisco, by Director Kevin Gallo and received thunderous applause from the audience as well as immense appreciation worldwide.

The Linux shell will be integrated at Windows kernel level without any method of emulation, offering complete access to Linux tools as Microsoft’s Scott Hanselman demonstrates in his post.

Let’s take a look at Rich Turner and Russ Alexander explaining how this will work:

This decision is in fact part of Microsoft’s open-source commitment, and represents an important step in this direction. Of course there have been some less successful attempts, however in the grand scheme of things Linux and Windows worlds have never been closer.

Source: Windows blog, via: The Verge


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