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Amazing LEGO Machine Folds and Launches Paper Airplanes Automatically

LEGO Paper Airplane Machine

A few days ago I stumbled upon an impressive contraption which might be the ultimate way of making paper airplanes. The LEGO machine featured in the video below requires just a sheet of paper in its feeder, the rest being a fully automated process of folding the paper and then launching the finished plane. Multiple Mindstorms EV3 bricks, servos, pneumatic actuators, sensors, countless gears and whatnot are used in this highly complex machinery which may not be the first of this kind however it seems to have the most refined design to date.

It was created by Brazilian expert builder Arthur Sacek as part of a Super Bowl commercial for Arrow Electronics, a Fortune 500 company specialized in products and services for the Aerospace and Defense industries. Another behind the scenes video can be found on Arrow’s YouTube channel.

via Gizmodo


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