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Evive all-in-one prototyping platform puts your projects on the fast track

Evive embedded platform

Tired of clutter happening at some point throughout your project? Or maybe you want to draft an idea but something is always missing? Enter Evive, an Arduino Mega-based embedded platform that contains all necessary hardware, functions and connections to quickly get you going with your project. There is even an 1.8 inch color LCD for easy configuration. Everything is packed into a neat enclosure which can be easily integrated into your builds.

Evive embedded platform
evive embedded platform | Image credit:

Evive was created by Indian startup Agilo Technologies, a team of very enthusiastic engineers who want to make things a lot easier for developers of all levels of expertise. The platform could be an ideal candidate for STEM education environments, while also proving itself to advanced users and professionals.

The Evive open-source platform is built around an Arduino Mega 2560 R3 8-bit MCU clocked at 16MHz and scores pretty high on versatility. It retains compatibility with Arduino expansion shields, and exposes pin headers, switches and potentiometers for all integrated interfaces and modules. The magic lid enables access to the standard Arduino headers and a mini breadboard can also be found underneath.

Even though the feature list is quite extensive, I would like to point out some of which have caught my attention:

  • 1.8 inch 160×128 pixels color LCD screen;
  • dual channel oscilloscope by means of 24-bit analog-to-digital converters (ADC);
  • 12-bit digital-to-analog converter (DAC) for function generation
  • voltmeter and ampermeter functionality, sensing ranges -30 to +30V and -3 to +3A respectively;
  • 1A integrated motor drivers and additional motor driver connectors;
  • optional WiFi, Bluetooth or XBee modules can be installed via dedicated headers;
  • real-time clock for accurate logging and time critical actions;
  • variable voltage supply 1.2 to 30 Volts;
  • built-in 2600mAh rechargeable battery and up to 30V external input support;
  • 32GB microSD card slot via SPI;
  • replaceable Arduino controller board;
  • over-current, over-voltage and reverse polarity protection.

The diagram below provides an overview of the Evive toolkit. There is also this video which lists all the tech specs.

Evive embedded platform features
evive features | Image credit:

Developers can use virtually any IDE to program the platform, it is compatible with the standard Arduino IDE as well as Scratch, LabView MakerHub, ROS, Python, Java and many more. Detailed documentation, source files and projects can be found in Evive’s GitHub repository. Also check out their YouTube and Instructables accounts for demo projects and info.

You can preorder a basic Evive for US $89 early-bird price. An IoT kit which comes with WiFi and Bluetooth modules costs $109. Lots of other bundle packages are available, head to the campaign page to find out more. Shipping is expected to start in December 2016.

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