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DJI unveils Osmo Mobile handheld stabilizer for your smartphone

DJI Osmo Mobile handheld smartphone stabilizer

This week DJI introduced the new Osmo Mobile at IFA Berlin electronics fair, a smart handheld stabilizer for your smartphone which promises to make shaky footage and blurry low-light exposures history. Very similar to the original Osmo camera, the device takes advantage of the already proven 3-axis stabilization and tracking technology found in DJI’s Phantom series drones. The Osmo Mobile is for sale at a price of US $299.

DJI Osmo Mobile handheld smartphone stabilizer
Osmo Mobile handheld stabilizer | Image credit: DJI

The device greatly augments imaging capabilities of your phone. From within the DJI Go app, available for iOS and Android, several shooting modes become available and numerous settings are exposed. On its handle there are also physical buttons and a joystick which can be customized for greater control.

Thanks to the ActiveTrack technology the Osmo Mobile can position the phone camera for keeping you in frame at all times, relieving you of the stress of looking at your phone screen in the middle of the action.

The device communicates with the smartphone over Bluetooth 4.0 LE and is built around the Zenmuse M1 gimbal which offers 3-axis stabilization with a precision of 0.03 degrees. The Osmo Mobile can effectively cancel out hand movements or vibration, letting you create pretty professional looking video footage.

DJI Osmo Mobile handheld smartphone stabilizer
Osmo Mobile handheld stabilizer | Image credit: DJI

Users can also shoot sharp low light photos without a tripod, while star trails on the night sky is a neat effect which can be easily created. The panorama function automatically captures and accurately stitches 9 separate images, generating a high-quality picture. Time-lapse footage is now easier than ever, users can set the capture interval and motion path from within the app.

The mobile app also offers access to manual camera settings on the smartphone, such as ISO, shutter speed and white balance, very useful for advanced users who want total control over their footage.

Phone orientation and gripping position can be manually set, a feature also useful should the Osmo Mobile be mounted in various configurations. Users can shoot in standard or underslung landscape, portrait and even flashlight should this grip be more convenient. The integrated 10.8Wh LiPo battery promises to deliver up to 4.5 hours of continuous operation.

Developers are not forgotten, according to the manufacturer a Mobile SDK will be released in the near future.

Quick specs

  • Gimbal: Zenmuse M1 ZM01
    • Angular vibration range: ± 0.03 degrees;
    • Controllable range (pan/roll/tilt): ±150/±25/-125 to +35 degrees;
    • Maximum speed: 120 degrees/s;
  • Phone holder width compatibility: 58.6-84.8mm (2.31-3.34 inch);
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0 LE;
  • Total weight (gimbal and handle): 501g (17.7oz);
  • Battery: LiPo 11.1V, 980mAh (10.8Wh), up to 4.5 hours operation;
  • Other: Firmware update/charging port, SDK.

As mentioned earlier Osmo Mobile is for sale at a price of US $299 or 339 EUR respectively. Head to the product page for more info and ordering options.


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