Bebionic3 Cyborg Hand

When we stop to be humans we become robots. It sounds bad but for some humans this is just a chance to become again 100% functional. RSLSteeper create a new version of their bionic hand which is more comfortable, easy to control and use. Is a robotic hand which listening the muscle movements and translate them into motion. In general a human hand weight about 2.3% from entire body weight, the Bebionic3 cyborg hand weighs only 550 grams of technology.

The last version was released in 2012 and is one of the most performance bionic hand on the market which can be used by anyone with a little bit of practice. Since from the first version of Bebionic, the company based in San Antonio, Texas has the aim to improve people lives and create the most innovative prosthetic products at a good price.

Bebionic is a product designed to be used by people that are hand amputees to help them to regain its independence to live a life controlled by both hands.
The cyborg hand is built from solid materials with low weight. Used daily the hand resists to shocks and was developed closer to people who need such products. Also for testing phase were used people with disabilities in real life situations.

A good product require a big experience and Bebionic is a product where gathered 90 years of experience for products like extremity prosthetic.

The first Bebionic version was released in 2010 and since then the hand was transformed into a powerful tool for peoples with hand amputations. Since for the first version the robotic hand uses muscles of the upper arm to move its fingers. At a muscle contraction the electrodes attached to the skin send an electrical signal to actuators and the movement is produced.
The second version comes in 2011 with more features and bridging the gap between a human hand and a bionic hand. Bebionic 2 has the ability to move independently the fingers, from now users can use a finger to press a button or handle slim objects like credit cards.

Released in 2012, Bebionic3 will be available on the market at a price range from $25,000 to $30,000.

Bebionic3 Keyboard Use

Bebionic3 Fingers Control

Bebionic3 Tested By Real Subject

To include in a single product three basics thing like versatility, functionality, and performance, the engineers comes with a unique design and ergonomic features. Each finger can be moved in a natural way by using a dedicated electrical motor. All these motors are connected to powerful microprocessors which has the tasks to control and monitor fingers position. Controlling each finger separately is the best way to increase the precision and hand movements. For every day tasks the manufacturer prepares 14 grip patterns which will be selected before doing a specific task.
The hand was built using strong materials so you can confidently use the hand to handle up to 45Kg or to do delicate tasks like picking up an egg.

Bebionic3 Side and Front View


Physical Specification Large Medium
A Middle Finger Tip to Hand Base 200mm 190mm
B Thumb Tip to Hand Base 125mm 121mm
C Max Chassis Width (no glove) 92mm 84mm
D Diameter of Chassis at Wrist 50mm 50mm
Palm Circumference (no glove) 220mm 204mm
Maximum Opening width Tripod Grip 105mm with glove 105mm with glove
Thumb Swing Through Angle 68° 68°
X EQD only 5mm 5mm
Weight 557g – 598g 550g – 591g
Performance Specification
Maximum Power Grip 140.1N
Maximum Tripod Grip 36.6N
Maximum Key Grip 26.5N
Minimum Time to Open / Close – Tripod Grip 0.5 Seconds
Minimum Time to Open / Close – Power Grip 0.5 Seconds
Minimum Time to Open / Close – Key Grip 1.0 Seconds
Maximum Static Load – Hook Grip 45kg
Maximum Load Individual Finger – Hook Grip 25kg
Swisswuff, BeBionic2 – new grip patterns;