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Wyliodrin – Visual Programming Environment for Your Intel Galileo and Raspberry Pi


Wyliodrin is a web-based service that offers a visual IDE for your development boards. It is accessible directly from any browser and is compatible with Raspberry Pi, ZedBoard and recently the 2nd generation Intel Galileo platforms, with only minimal configuration requirements for your board. Wyliodrin is well suited for beginners, who can start creating their programs right away by using a language simply called Visual Programming, fairly similar to the better known Scratch. Advanced users can choose from over 10 languages to program their applications, and can also open consoles with their device’s shell directly from the web browser.


Setting up your board with Wyliodrin is pretty simple and straightforward, a board specific image and a configuration file need to be downloaded and transferred to a SD card. Insert the card into your Raspi or Galileo, power the board up and make sure the internet connection is working. Next up log into you Wyliodrin account to get the board registered and that is it, no additional steps are required, you can start working on your project.

To create an application in the visual environment you need to simply drag and drop program blocks into the work area and define their attributes if required, Javascript or Python code being automatically generated during the process. If more control over the project is required, coding in Python and Javascript as well as C/C++, Pascal, Perl, Shell Script, PHP, Objective-C, C# and Java is also possible.

All data is stored in the cloud which makes it accessible from any remote location by simply logging into the Wyliodrin account. Thanks to two-way communication between the servers and your device, data from the sensors can be collected, monitored and even plotted on graphs in the browser, and you can also control your device remotely or alter settings on the go.

Wyliodrin could be a very good platform for developing home automation projects where you can control heating and lighting when you are away from home, or monitor motion sensors and even take a look at surveillance cameras connected to your development board. It could also prove very useful for controlling household robots and creating specific algorithms for their activities, nevertheless there is a broad range of tasks which could be accomplished thanks to this platform.

Wyliodrin is a subscription based service and there are several types of accounts to choose from. A free account allows you to create 3 applications for one board. Thanks to the recent partnership with Intel, you can receive a 1 year subscription for 3 boards and 15 applications if you own a Galileo board. Pricing for the paid accounts ranges between US$3.90/month to US$50/month, depending on the number of applications and boards you intend to use.

Wyliodrin was created by a team of engineers and IT professionals from Romania, and the project has received numerous innovation awards. The team has reached a total of 9 members since it was founded in 2013.

For more information, tutorials and sample projects please check out the resources below.

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