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Samsung Navibot S is one of the Most Intelligent Vacuum Cleaners

The latest Samsung intelligent robot vacuum cleaner is Navibot S SR8980 which is built to complete the features list of the first version NaviBot. One of the most important update of the second version comes from its name – ‘S’ – define a slim robot which can clean large areas and fits in all places.

Other improvements of the robot includes proximity sensors, a new mapping system, and a really impressive sense of dust.
The first time when Navibot S vacuum cleaner was revealed to the public was in 2011 at IFA in Europe and since then the device impressed with his new features. With a new intelligent system for cleaning the vacuum cleaner is designed to be used at home to vacuums your floors, carpets, soiled areas, and to completely take the cleaning task from your hands.

Samsung build more than a vacuum cleaner robot, the company is involved in a big project aimed to enter into people’s homes until 2020 at least one robot. Also these robots could be connected to smart devices like smartphones to control and generate feedback from the robot.

Sony or Honda are also involved in big projects to build humanoid robots like AIBO or ASIMO. Samsung engineers build Mahru-Z which can be used as a robot maid. This is an advanced humanoid robot which can recognize people, can work with a microwave or use washing machine, or serve a cup of tea.

Navibot S SR8980 View (Photo source

Navibot S SR8980 Docking Station View (Photo source
Navibot S SR8980 Program Interface (Photo source

Samsung create a proper environment dedicated to making a better world since 70 years ago when the company was founded. The company has activities in various fields from medicine, technology, construction or hotels.

Koreans surprise every year with new products and in the last months new vacuum cleaner robots like NaviBot S or Tango Stealth impressed by the quality offered. The new design of Navibot was a challenge for engineers who decide to increase the capacity of bag-less, and add new and improved technologies which makes the robot one of the best on the market. One of intelligent vacuum cleaners was solved by build one of the most advanced dock station. The robot detect when the built-in bin is fully and empties the contents in a much larger bin available at the docking station. The total capacity of dustbin is 2 liters. While the robot empty the contents of bag also the main brush is cleaned.

The new design bring improvements to the height of the device which is with 10% less than the predecessor. The new improved height is 8cm which allows the robot to clean almost anywhere.

Navibot S clean much faster than Tango with 320mm/sec, has integrated several types of sensors to be more safer, and can turns 120 degrees in a seconds. Compared with the first generation a 25 sq m area can be cleaned in 11 minutes compared with 19 minutes take as before with the old generation.

A new and improved sensor for dust was integrated. The sensor keep focus on places where the dust is difficult to be cleaned. Also it has a function which improve the power of main brush and vacuum to improve the quality removal of dirt.

On market are available two versions NaviBot S SR8950 and NaviBot S SR8980. The difference between these two versions is Auto Dust Emptying function. The Auto Dust Emptying function is used when the dustbin is full and should be empties at the docking station.

Features include a slim body, a new and improved visual mapping systems, proximity sensors, and an improved dust sense.

In general a vacuum cleaner make too much noise which is disturbing. Navibot S works silently with a sound pressure level of 60dBA. The robot recharge the battery automatically and it takes around 3 hours for a full charge.

The interface is very intuitive and can be used to control all vacuum cleaner functions like program or date/hour when the device should work.

The price for NaviBot S SR8980 version is $1,299.


Samsung, Bagless 0.6L Dust Capacity (SR8980);


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